A Walk Through Oceans


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On the shore I'm waiting for your voice.

Silence is all that surrounds tonight
I cannot hear you at all.
Even the waves do not make a sound
Throughout this fatal storm.

Staring at the sea I cry you name

Nothing can move me away from here,
I cannot hear you at all.
All that I have is already lost,
Already melted away.

Calling in the tide / Falling at your feet,
Bleeding on the shore / To be closer to your dreams.
Drowning in your tears / Crawling in you sleep,
Faceless telling stares / Reflected in my mind.

A thousand seasons passed before you came.

The sun came too late and now I am blind.
I cannot guide you home.
From this sphere which I'm jailed,
I hear your mortal soul

Like a faithless bride your love is lost

So until my skin flows away,
Down to the setting sun
I'll wait for the stars to cover me.
I am left empty.

Your words to me are cold
You walk to me through oceans
Your words to me are cold.

As I notice you approaching me, heading to the shore,
I could die here now than drift out with the tide.