Deep Is The Stigma


  • Aumentar Fonte
  • Diminuir Fonte
Failing to connect again
Paranoia's mist weaves itself around
From these barren pastures
The icy reaches deprive

The view to all
Of a cold radiance

Entrapment of the soul
Feeling that nobody is...

Reverberating in my mind
A mystery voice condemns the promise
Those words of spite
Ensnaring its denial

Now left with a foreboding spaciousness
As I inwardly expected
The barrier of fear remains
A stranglehold mist abject

Tension mounts as the autumn draws near
Confront the domain which has kept me here
Feeling the shameful weight
that encumbered me very essence
Like the leper cast asunder
A false guilt has me buried under
From its frozen clutches, may I be free
From these poison rots, sever me!