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What? No. Such lies!
How could you speak to me with such repulse?
All I wish is to mend your sorrow,
And all I dream is to see you content,
I’m sick of this masquerade,
Tell me, what can I do?
Open my eyes,
I need to find a way to repent

Is it too late, now tell me?
Is there a way, please help me?
I will do anything for you my love

Promise me this, she said
I left a son behind
When the time come,
You’ll be the one haha to

Guide him, to the Reign of Dreams
Light the trail to me
Walk the lane and take him to my tomb

Hold on to me tight
Walk my way, that’s right
Get away together
Stay just for tonight
Is there a reason I linger in life?
Is there a reason you won’t let me die.

Is this just a hallucination?
Is this just a reverie?

Treachery, Deceit, Ominous, Ominous
Sorcery, Witchcraft, Devious, Devious
Lunacy, Madness, Perilous, Perilous
Tragedy, Terror, Impious, Impious
Fakery, Treason, Succubus, Succubus
Lechery, Mania, Incubus, Incubus
Fiery, Brilliance, Luminous, Luminous
Fantasy, Mirage, Revelous