The Reign Of Dreams

Until Rain

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In a dreaming trail

On the side of your brain
We've reached the gates of the hidden reign
Within he said, lay all the dreams of men
Some in dark they hide
Others desire the light

Bear in mind a thing,
That this world is just an ilussion.
My story you must long to hear
Oh, this one shall not be forgotten

Always mine
I rule the night
Roaming within
Slave to the reign of dreams

Pain and death
I will fight you
Blackened chamber
I’ll learn to live in you
In the dark
A sun will rise so bright and
As a slave I’ll always scream to you

Always yours
You rule the night
Roaming within
King to the reign

Always yours
You rule the night
Roaming within
King to the reign of dreams
(Pain, king, reign, dreams, slave, death)

Only master
Blind dynaster
To the reign
I’m your godamned slave

No escape.
Silent nightmare
Dead end dream

Please don’t you turn away from me
I need to find myself inside your dreams
Let me heal your pain
Let me hear your name
No! No don’t turn away

I have missed the feel of joy
My only wish eternal glory
This only dream I’ve now succeed
And I have lost what once was real

Erolore. Ghe died you should have known that. yes she did.. 1716 there inside that room go my dear.go. is this eerie? hahaha. you' ve been deceived like a fool by the siren... is she one of them? no. no. go my son, find him. meet him. goodnight.