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I feel fat
I feel stupid
I feel useless
Pass the blame
Like my life is a constant fucking horse chasing a train
If it’s me
I don't know
But I sure feel so alone
And the reason I mistreat me is not feeling self-assured

Tell me, fucking tell me, all the lies you tell yourself
Lies you tell yourself
Lies you tell yourself

I have goals
I have standards
Why are those not set from me?
It’s like a voice inside my head is saying
I should not feel glee
Don't be happy with what you have
Don’t be stoked with who you are
And just act like you're a pathetic little dust ball in the wind

Lies you tell yourself
Lies you tell yourself

Tell me, fucking tell me, all the lies you tell yourself
That your worth is just the compromise you made to lose your true self

Lies you tell yourself
Lies you tell yourself