Into The Tunnels Of My Sleep


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Thick shadows weight upon the Hypnos gates of sleep
My fears running deep into the borderland of dreams
I can't rest no more in that capsule I've built from the seizures of my wrongs and the solid walls of fear

Kneel, my savior, kneel, beside my weakened body
And guard me with your shield in horrid nights like these
Shivering in liquid state. Half-asleep, half-awake
In the vortex of ill thoughts when I close my eyes I see the black no more

Shapeless demons feeding from miasmic soul
Wake me, oh You, Monarchs of the Not or drown me once and for all
Godless landscapes are my dreams. Endless tunnels of my sleep
Here I belong where the walls are echoing my cries
Phobetor, Epiales, Patheos, Oneiroi!

The night is not a host. The day brings no salvation
In hypnagogic trance, hallucinate, each time I fall apart
Lucid dreams and dreadful hours
When I close my eyes I see no black
At the Hypnos gates of sleep into the borderland of dreams

Kneel, my guardian, kneel, beside my feverish body
And cover with your shield the wreckage left of me