Smoke (feat. Matty Mullins)

Us, Ghosts

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This is the price you pay,
For all the things you say.
Your words won't keep you safe,
Your words will be your grave.

No matter how much you dig,
no matter what the route.
You'll never lie your way out,
A grave as big as your mouth.

In the end you couldn't even win your way,
And after everything you still don't see.
That man you say you are, is not the man you'll ever be.
You hang on words that mean the world,
And yet they don't mean a thing!
To be honest, Your promises mean nothing to me.
You're a fake, You won't amount to anything.

You'll face your demons,
The day you see them.
At the end of the road,
Your lies are set in stone.

Can't you see you're at the end of your road?
You thought you'd be safe behind your walls and your smoke.
But really your nothing at all.
I cleared up the smoke,
And watched your walls fall.

It goes to show,
That your lying has brought you nothing but foes.
You can't tell me you never knew?
This is the end for you.

This is the end for you!

There's nothing left to do.
I am done with the likes of you.
They'll remove your lying tongue.
And watch you burn.