Snake Of The Abyss

Utuk-Xul (Col)

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The dark hate of dragon
The fury of the winds and the storms

The force was together
To the union of the natural forces
In the silence of the night
The cult for the big dragon of the abyss
Hail leviathan

L.V.I.N. snake of the abyss
Prince of a hell's pole
A dark power was together
In the cult for the black forces
Prince of the abyss in the cult of the Leviathan snake

Cult, cult, cult in the night
Hails leviathan snake
In the cult to the dragon abyss
L.V.I.N. L.V.I.N. L.V.I.N.
Hails leviathan
Regie leviathan

The forces of the union
In the ritual's night
Of the hell snake
The dragon of the abyss