Follower Of Set

We are the damned
the sons of set
we can't forget
this time
the memory of...

We are the new key
we are the fog, the death
we are the new world

Darkness coming like a viscid snake in your mind and
senses are left in space whit your purity
you can't believe in the future, you can't believe in hell
but why you believe in the humanity's lost again?

Now I'm awake and I realize the pain
Fallen from grace by this cruel universe
Backstabbed in chains and for this they will now pay
Now I will reborn and they'll fear the night again

Hate I've buy in sell at bazar
water I've sell at the thirstey
no one came to thank myself
no one survive my rage

The ancients are laying in their black stone beds
the fire has stolen my freedom away
the shadows of my brothers now scream in vain
and this cold new world is ready for me

I'm your new death
your son on your faith
full of heatred full of blood