Return To Outerwisdom

Rising through the depths
An essence near the roots
Into the sacred vast ground land of xibalba
It became one with the tree
And starts to drift up high
Through the roots to the trunk in the air
An incandescence sphere of energy almost
Near to be expelled afar in distance, away in space
A fog of stardust moving fast
Towards the branches in the top
The air is heat the lands burns like the stars.
The whole branches are unfold
Leafs feeds the formless haze
Landscapes shines like the sun in the skies

Volcanic eruptions my expulsion is revealed
To a hundred eyes of fools wondered in earth
Black clouds thunder storms fills the sky i have left
13 stratums of mans sphere are behind
With the cosmos now i'm one
And my essence sails new seas
Fulfil is my ultimate destiny my being expands