xStand Firmx

Home Sweet Home

xStand Firmx
Welcome to the end of everything we know and love
Pushed to the brink of extinction, welcome to hell!
I cannot conceive how any of this came to be
I cannot believe what's before my fucking eyes
In this dead city that crumbles at my fucking feet
Shallow minds consume the very essence of my pride
Keep the rich content, keep the poor silent
Corrupt power becomes prevalent
I never dreamed it would end this way
And we're all to blame
Why are we so quick to erase everything,
All accomplishments from a past we once embraced?
Blood, sweat and tears foolishly gone to waste
Two-hundred thirty years swiftly thrown away
Apathy plagues the cognition of our minds
As we sit back and watch our world choke and die
I refuse to accept this fatal truth
I wont be an other stagnant mind
I invoke for a change to follow through
To cease regression I'll fight for what is mine (and ours)
Rise, unite, let's set these streets ablaze
Leave ash in memory of what stood in it's place
And when the dawn breaks
We are all that remain
May the whole world see
We wont be kept at bay
The flames will cleanse all things in time
As we sit back and watch our world come to life