Boom Boom

Verse 1
Boom Boom

That's the sound that you hear when you

Start it up

Its the sound that you feel when you

Rip it up

It's the way that you swing when you

Carve it up

Beyond my Imagination

Boom Boom

Like a shotgun that fires when you

Let it out

On the Bitch and Screams coz she

Can't get out

The man took my place

Knocked him out

This is my retaliation

Pre Chorus x2
It's my WAY

Its my TIME
Its my DAY
To be MINE

What can't you believe BELIEVE

That this is all me ME

Chorus x2
And its plain to see
This is how it has to be

Cloned like you and me

All this shit brings me to insanity

Verse 2

Boom boom,

it's the noise that I make when I

Blow this track

It's the feel that I get when I

Give it back

Feel the tension that snaps when I

Make you snap

This is my imagination

Boom boom,

be the bomb that blows up

Inside of me

My face has gone red bitch

Cant you see

My good and my bad self

Don't agree

This is my retaliation

Pre Chorus


Interlude x2

Go bitch im trashed,

Step away,

Its my day,

And I'll do it

My way

Pre Chorus