Mother Justice

All this hatred wound up inside my head
I chase my dreams day in day out
Sometimes I question
Should I be alive or should I be dead
When the gates of achievement close,
I want to get out of this nightmare that my heart chose

I need no claws to tear me into the past
Trapped in a feeling that with
All hopes won't last
Every time the skies starts to clear
My soul caves in and spreads its fear

No god to lend me salvation
No crucifix to nail my miscreation
My miscreation

I want to be brave and face
Your soulless eyes
But each time we cross paths
Something inside me ties
No more tears, is what I want
What I want!

Promises of bliss have siphoned
Forthcoming macabre has
Enlightened, you're frightened
Fuck that, fuck you
The pain will force through continue
Snippered, put to the floor
Sawing all fours,
Crawling the fucking floor

Mother Justice is no more
She died and lead evil into my core
How can my thoughts judge
Right from wrong?
When there's no safe haven
Where I belong?