Smiles Of Glory


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In a time where all are victims.
Still alive without direction to go.
Sometime the pain hit me.
I reached out and showed their pain.
More someday I'll get to free you and triumph.
Of a better life.
Your sins now reflect on his head.

Still hope.
What fears do not pass the bad dream finished.
Is that your life is not a lie.
But just a lie like that haunt you.
Show me two paths that will give you the direction you should go.

I hear voices that tell me to be afraid.
Most were just monsters of the past.
Who have returned to haunt us.
Still hope you do not forget.
For his sonnhos not over yet.
And I hope you do not believe in ghosts.

More so those who turn to you assombar.
Now even I am afraid.
Of their lies are truths.