Madame Buttafly

Young Mc

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madame, madame, madame buttafly
I just cannot, cannot, cannot tell you why
you're so pleasing, pleasing, pleasing to my eye
cause you're butter, butter, butter and you're fly

now the first time ever I saw you face
it was love at first sight in a public place
see you moved through the room with such style and grace
and like a sweet peice of candy yes I wanted a taste
sex appeal in blue it was real and true
like Chaka Kahn said girl I feel for you
but what I had to do was just chill take my time
cause my main objective was to make you mine
divine and every synonym that's related
it's taken many years but I'm glad that we waited
debated on weither I should make the push
because this bird in a hen is worth ten in the bush
oh yes intellectual heterosexual
have you coming back for more baby I bet you will
see what I mean when you look in my eyes
an I can tell you from the heart you're my madame buttafly


now madame let me tell you one thing for sure
when I first came across you I was immature
didn't see all the changes live would put me through
and I know you can realte cause you were young then too
I had a chance to flip but no I did not trip
stumbiling through meaningless relationships
baby I give you a tip and you should follow the trend
sometimes your best lovers comes from your best friends
do you remember those late night's on the phone
ain't nobody in the room but we're never alone
and I tell you some lady tried to tear me apart
the same time some punk tried to break your heart
and at that point it never really crossed my mind
that I wanted to be with you til the end of time
see I grew to love you that's precisly why
I can tell you from the heart you're my madame buttafly


now many days have passed sort of crazy fast
and I think that I have come out of my haze at last
put myself to task and underwent the test
to see if this was real or if I was just obsessed
but it's not obsession I've learned my lesson
and grew with you through a true progression
and sting wrote a song that occured to me
that if you love somebody you should set them free
see you've been important to me in my life
and in the fairytale ending you would be my wife
but sometimes fairytales don't come true
and this won't if you don't feel the same way too
cause all the things you've done for me I can't measure
the days and nights memories that we treasure
the time we spend as friends brings me pleasure
so it makes no sense to get tense and bring pressure
so if you want a friend than it's fine with me
and baby if you want a lover you know where I'll be
but if I find another woman than I tell her why
I became a better man knowing madame buttafly