Crazy Girl

Young Rome

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(feat. Rufus Blaq)

[Romes 1st Verse]
its only right that im killin it homey put yo hands up if you feelin it
(hip hip hooray)
ladies freeze when I say so stick yo booty out just a lickle bit oo
man im up in the club crunkin the usual
some of dese fat chicks is bootyful oopse I mean beautiful
ass so cutical make yo booty clap girl you so musical
(let the music work yo booty now)
and a back braids out grippin a big glass of yack
you didn't chip in on dis pass it back
yous a super hero girl bag it back
man I keep the clug action packed
ballas flossin throw up ya stacks(throw it up)
but no 10's and 20's 100's or betta
he hoggin for cheddar its ya homey Rome im the trend setta

you crazy girl you hips yo thight is crazy girl(push upon me girl)
don't play me girl yous a tease and its makin me crazy girl(wind de top)
you crazy girl yo hips yo thight is crazy girl(push upon me girl)
show me ya G-String
show me ya G-String
show me ya G-String
show me ya G-String

[Romes 2nd verse]
its sick when they see the way I hop out the range
and I let my chain swang like an arangatang
shawty wanna ?? for a little change
holla for a dolla now bounce like an impala
homey if you got a drink put yo glass up
now take a little swolla
the san hacineo but I make the whole show bark like a rot wilda(roo roo roo roo)
man im a young pimp
I don't want yo wife in addition to yo daughter holla
Sip on dat fine wata imam party till tomara
Shawty good in feni, hotta in prada, hotta den lava, sweeter den java
Hatas ??
Cuz dey mad I got her
And she off the rocka pass the vodka


now you kno you got too much booty for that little mini skirt take it off
and I can taste yo lip gloss baby yo body is so damn soft
you kno you got too much money sittin on dem 22 inch spinnin
its getting hot in here tonight can I come home witchu

[Rufus verse]
niggas in the hood don't wanna see me last
im tryna get my life together please don't laugh
chicks chase the humma when dey see me pass
crack the concrete when the cd blast
tracks to E class anytime I ??
wood grain dash magnate to cash
young pimp im a magnit to ass
push it pon me girl damn you so fast

[repeat chorus 2x]