Youngsta Cpt

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Baby girl these are my vows
Take note when I'm writing it down
If we could settle, I'd treat you so special
I know that my mom would be proud
You have a bouquet and a gown

My princess is getting a crown, she getting my surname
They call her Mrs Roberts
I really like the way it sounds, got a nice ring to it
Play wedding music, Ms Whitney Houston as I stand with my groomsmen
Girl this is our big day, bridesmaids all on that stage
I've never been nervous I got to the service
We not in the church but my lady is perfect

This is the one I will marry, I got permission from her daddy
He told me look after my daughter
If not I will you and you will get buried
I had to go get his blessing, his protective and I can respect it
Although his so hard I noticed him shedding a tear at our reception
Girl I salute yo' parents because they created an angel
Allah was bragging he made you look at the beauty he gave you

I don't know what I would've named
You but I promise to always be faithful
I had an illusion should I really do
This, this is the conclusion I came to

You my type of girl, I call you my diamond girl
Wedding dress designer girl
I find it you the finest girl and I want
You too know I think that we should trou
Honeymoon in Rome too have you and too hold all in holy matrimony

Crying at the ceremony
Saw your mother hold you closely
Cause she knows her daughter's growing
So it's time to let you go go, slow dancing in photos
Baby you my precious where this ring, let me be prodo
I just had to praise the Lord I found what I was looking for

Even tho' I had some whores, I'm happier than I was before, ya brah
I know what I'm doing, joining us in union
My whole life improving we both cruising honeymooning
We soening and we smooching
CPR the kiss of life if she's your girl for
More than 10 years she's already like your wife
So you better decide before she meets another guy
But this one over here is mine, so let me kiss the bride