When It's Over

Youth in Revolt

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They're suffocating me
So sick of playing this game I always lose.
I'm contemplating giving up
And you've already tied the noose

[Pre Chorus:]
You made for me!

Please just wake me up when it's over
I can't take the pain any longer
All I have is what you took from me.

Please just wake me up when it's over
I can feel the pain getting stronger
All I have is just this broken dream.

This broken dream!

Don't wanna have to live like this any more
I'm tryin' to pick my fuckin' feet up off the floor.
Every choice I've ever made
Seems to lead me back to this shallow grave

[Pre Chorus]


Every day just feels the same
It's like I'm stuck in a neverending maze.
If I open up my eyes
I might just find a way to break free from these chains.

Break free from these chains!

Wake up!
Wake up!
Wake me up from this nightmare

[Pre Chorus]

[Chorus x2]